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The browse view enables you to view the database on a table (data set) by table basis.
Records in each table are classified in a hierarchical scheme (also referred to as a 'tree').

The current table being viewed can be changed by clicking the '+' icon next to the table you wish to view. This opens the selected table, showing you the records in the table.

To navigate the database using the browse view :
  1. Click 'browse' on the toolbar.
  2. Expand a table (by clicking on the '+' icon on the tree next to the table name).
  3. Expand the levels of the tree (by clicking on the '+' or '-' icons on the tree).
  4. Underlined record names indicate records which contain data.
  5. Click on a record name to display its datasheet in the main area.

Example 1: To find information on the Aluminium alloy 2014-T6, open the MaterialUniverse tree and then the following branches:

Metal > Non-ferrous Alloys > Aluminium > Wrought > 2000 Series > 2014

and click on 'T6'.
Example 2: To find information on the manufacturing process Die Casting, open the ProcessUniverse table and then the following branches:

Shaping > Casting > Die

and click on 'High Pressure Die'.
Example 3: To find information on polymer suppliers in France, open the Supplier table and then the following branches:

Suppliers > Materials > Polymer > France

and click on a company name.

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