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The datasheet view displays the value and units for each of a record's properties (user preferences for the display of numeric data can be altered on the preferences page).

The properties are often grouped (eg. the mechanical properties of a material include Elastic Limit, Fracture Toughness, Hardness and Tensile Strength). These groups can be expanded or contracted in suitable browsers by clicking on the headings.

The text 'est' following a property name indicates that the value shown is an estimated value.

At the top of the datasheet, tools can be found that provide useful features for the current record being displayed :
  • 'Locate In Tree' - Open the tree to the currently displayed record.
  • 'Finite Element Export' - Export the data to a finite element package (see Exporting Data).
  • 'Search Similar' - Find similar materials based on 'Composition' properties.
  • 'Show/Hide All Graphs' - Display all graphical data graphs on the datasheet (see Graphical Data).
  • 'Search Web' - Search Granta Design's Material Data Network for the currently displayed record.
At the bottom of the datasheet, the 'Links' section gives access to records that are linked to the currently displayed record (see Linked Records).

Estimated and Not-Applicable Properties

It is important for selection that the database is complete (ie. has no holes or gaps). Therefore, in some places where it was not possible to obtain data from published sources, it has been necessary to use expert estimates of data values (eg. the Recycle Fraction of Aluminium Alloy 2014-T6).

Some properites are not relevant for some records. These have the value of 'Not Applicable' and are not displayed on the datasheet. For example the property 'Dielectric Constant' is not shown for all electrical conductors (eg. metals, since the dielectric constant is a property that is only relevant for electrical insulators).

Notes View

Some properties on the datasheet may have notes associated with them. This is show by the Notes icon next to a property.

Clicking on this icon will take you to the Notes view. Any notes for the property are shown.

At the top of the notes view, the following tool can be found :
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See also: Graphical Data

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