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Linked Records

The linked records view displays a list of records in another data table that are linked to the selected 'source' record. It gives the number of linked records for the table, and lists them in alphabetical (tree name) order.

To view linked records :
  1. Display a record's datasheet (eg. the material 'Cast Aluminium Alloy A413.2:LM6-M').
  2. Go to the 'Links' section at the bottom of the datasheet.
  3. Click the link for the table of interest (eg click 'ProcessUniverse' for linked processes).
This will display a list of records linked to the 'source' record in the table of interest (eg. manufacturing processes that can be used to form, shape or surface treat a cast aluminium alloy).

To view a linked record's datasheet, click on its name to display it in the main area.

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